French roulette online: your ultimate guide

Discover the roulette with best odds: French roulette online

It is well-known that winning in roulette is mostly a matter of luck. However, players still can choose a game with the best chances to get a prize or practice their skills for free. You can play French roulette online free version or deposit placing your bets by paying real money. This variation of roulette offers its players much higher odds for winning than a traditional version. By the end of this article, you will know everything you need to start playing French roulette.

Online French roulette features

Think of this roulette as a classic American roulette with a slightly different table design. French table has a single 0 only on the table, and numbers are colored differently. The outside betting field location is also not the one you used to see. It is situated at both sides of the betting table. There are some other minor changes that you will notice on the layout.

You can play online French roulette free versions or bet with your real money. French roulette has inside and outside bets. Inside bets can be divided into:

  • straight-up bet or a bet on a single number;
  • split bet: the bet is placed on the line between two chosen numbers;
  • street bet: similar to a split bet but involves 3 numbers;
  • corner bet: features 4 numbers where a bet is placed on the corner of selected numbers;
  • line bet has a payout 5 to q and involves 6 numbers.

Outside bets also can be categorized into:

  • column bet;
  • dozen bet;
  • bet on color;
  • bet on odd/even;
  • bet on high/low;

What makes the French roulette to stand out is the presence of two rules: La Partage and the En Prison. The first rule says that if a player puts his money on even bet and the roulette ball stops on 0, the player will get half of his money back. The En Prison rule states that if a player has even bet and the ball lands on 0, then he marks this bet in prison. If the next spin brings the player an even number, he will win the whole bet, if the number is odd, he will lose the entire bet.

French roulette online free play by Netent and Playtech is available online.

Where to find the best French roulette slots?

You can play online roulette with French rules live or download it on your mobile device. Low limit French Roulette online USA players can find among Netent games. This variation of French roulette has low-value bets.

If you prefer playing online, at Neon slots you can play without downloading. Almost every online gaming club (licensed casinos) has multiple slots where you can enjoy playing French roulette pro online both for free and for real money.

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