Play French Roulette online free game with a La Partage rule

Play French Roulette online free game mode options

Despite the greatest fame of slot machines, many gamblers prefer to play French Roulette online free games. They know: odds are better there. However, it turns out that not all casinos offer French Roulette online free play mode games. The game has one of the lowest house edge values, so the average revenue for the casino is relatively low.

This game is also based on the luck of the players. This means that unlike other Roulette versions, the results of betting here rarely depend on the level of skill of the player at the table. The house edge will always be 1.35%.

Play French Roulette online slots and the game features

If a player has a desire to play this table game option, he has to remember that most terms and names in Roulette game have a French origin. Sometimes, it is complicated, but it is worth learning them to master the game. As in European variant, Roulette wheel here has 1 Zero + 36 numbers: those, who play French Roulette online games, have learnt it by heart.

If American Roulette is the version with the highest house edge (over 5.25%), the European one has the casino advantage of 2.7%. French Roulette is the coolest choice for players (it offers a house edge of 1.35% percent). La Partage rule is used here. This means that bets will be split between the casino and the player if the ball lands on Zero. The reason that real versions of French roulette offered rarely is simple: most vendors consider the house edge to be too low. La Partage rule there saves casino customers from the greatest loss.

As most gamblers do not play on the basis of perfect strategies, the house edge for most skill-based games is in reality higher than the published value. However, with a house edge of 1,35% that doesn’t change. Therefore, it is very rare to find it on offer.

The best slots with French Roulette

If a player finds a gaming resource where he can play French Roulette online free variants with fake-money bets, it might be one of the best casinos, where the La Partage rule is available. Some casinos have removed this rule from their games and instead offer European roulette with a French wheel. However, this is not comparable; it does not offer the same chance of winning. In principle, this rule affects mostly the bets on simple chances if the Zero is determined as the winning number. Without La Partage, all bets are lost. Therefore, these moments should be considered before choosing the game that can be really “French”.

For today, the best slots with this game are created by the following companies:

  • Microgaming;
  • Playtech;
  • NetEnt (the provider recommends casinos to let gamblers play French Roulette online free to attract more customers);
  • Play’n’Go French Roulette.

The demo mode of the game is the tool to help a beginner to master French Roulette and get ready to meet the day when he decides to bet real money to win.

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